Fiscal Commission hears evidence from John FitzGerald, Trinity College Dublin, on the Irish economy and tax system

At the 4th meeting of the Independent Fiscal Commission for Northern Ireland, members received a presentation from John FitzGerald, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, on the Irish economy and its tax system

Members heard evidence on the Irish experience of implementing fiscal policy and the important implications for Northern Ireland of the current Irish tax system and labour market.  Discussion followed on the key cross-border issues that the Commission are considering in their work into fiscal devolution for Northern Ireland.  

Members also met with Ian Snowden, Chief Executive of Land & Property Services and Alan Bronte, Director of Rating Policy at the Department of Finance to receive an overview of the Rating System in Northern Ireland and how it compares to Great Britain. The Commission also heard of the capabilities for innovative new digital solutions in assessing land and property, by Land & Property Services.